Case Studies - Modular Composite Manhole Covers

The applications for modular manhole covers are numerous and diverse. In the three case studies below the project requirement was different in each case but modular composite covers enabled the different design briefs to be met.

1. Non corroding - The close proximitry of the water treatment plant to sea had resulted in the early failre of cast iron manhole covers
2. Theft for scrap - This regional water company suffered from repeated theft of steel and cast iron covers from remote locations. Limited scrap value composite technology detered further thefts of replacement covers.
3. Lightweight/Large Span - Single man operation for refilling and ongoing maintenance required the use of a high strength lightweight composite cover arrangement over heavyweight cast iron alternatives.

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 1. Gibralter Water Treatment Facility                   2. Regional Water Company                  3. Underground Woodchip Silo's



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