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Forecourt Solutions are pleased to announce the addition of several new varients of their ever popular Draw Pits and Access Chambers range. The ChamberTite range of DrawPits is available in a range of sizes to suit most applications and to make even to most difficult projects easy we can offer a custom design service to suit any application. Each chamber is a combination of a polyethylene chamber interfaced to a suitably sized cover from the CompositeCovers range. Requirements for large chambers can be met by utalising modular manhole covers with free access being achieved by the use of removable support beams. Chambers can be divided in sections to allow single chambers to be used for most than one cabling solution.

Common chamber sizes of 300, 450, 600, 700, 750, 834, 1150 mm will be usually be held in stock to meet urgent requirements however special sizes and larger quantities will be manufactured to order.


Features and Benefits

Fast to install pre sealed, supplied in one piece.

Cost effective off the shelf solutions

High quality polyethylene chamber rectangular or circular

Complete boxes or open based options

Watertight options

Chambers can be divided into sections if required

Range of conduit and duct seals to suit most applications

Composite manhole covers with security options if required

Range of load ratings available from A15 to D400

Colours to suit customer requirements

Suitable for direct burial without the need for concrete shuttering

Quick to install, simple to cut for conduit and duct entries

Non slip covers can be customised to customer requirements

Download our Drawpit Datasheets here by clicking on the image below      



Forecourts new 1150 x 1150 mm Draw Pit chamber CTS1150-1150 provides a simple quick and watertight solution to your requirements for a greater than 1m x 1m drawpit chamber. Shipped in three sections to ease installation before simple assembly and backfill to your desired burial depth. Manufactured out of high grade polyethylene which will not corrode or deteriorate in the wet alkaline or acid situations. A range of two base heights and three site adjustable riser heights provide flexibility to meet your installation requirements.

For further detail on achieveable burial depths download a scale drawing here:


The unit can be either installed beneath our own 900 mm clear opening lightweight high strength composite cover CC0900D400 or traditional cast iron manhole covers.

Should one of our standard chambers be suitable for you requirements we can offer a custom design and build service. 

DPC1800-1200B125-11ReduHere we have an example of a custom chamber our DPC1800-1200-1000B125. 
This particular case was for a one off chamber to house a quantity of hydraulic pumps. 
The chamber and cover needed to be watertight and the chamber load bearing. The load bearing was achieved by supporting the chamber upon preshuttered concrete pillars. This allowed sufficient access points for ducts to carry electrical and hydraulic connections.

By applying the same principals of a fabricated chamber and large clear span modular cover we are able to provide virtually any chamber size that you may require. As they are built from standard modular elements the cost of such chambers is surprisingly in expensive.

If you have such a requirement please give us a call.

We can also provide a wide range of flexible entry boots to facilitate the watertight entry of pipes, ducts and cables into the Draw Pit chamber.

For further information please download the product datasheet and installation instructions available below or see the full range on the
Entry Boots section of our website.Datasheet_Entry_Boot

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