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EASY-Cross ■ EASY-Kerb ■ EASY-Plate


Forecourt Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of EASY products designed to assist you and your customers in having safe working environments. The products are applicable to the general construction industry. They are designed to overcome three key problems experienced on any construction project.


·         Crossing open trenches

·         Moving materials up and down kerbs

·        Vehicle movements over open chambers   


1. EASY-Cross                            



The EASY-Cross is a highly versatile and safe trench cover design for covering apertures, bores and trenches during maintenance, construction and repair projects.

The cover allows safe access and passage over and around excavations. Approved by the most British local authorities, they are a highly cost effective solution to site safety and access in compliance with the UKís Safety at Street Works and Road Works code of practice.Installation is quick and simple by either fixing pins ideal for bitumen surfaces, or butyl adhesive developed for stone or concrete surfaces.


2. EASY-Kerb                              



The EASY-Kerb is a totally unique, lightweight and highly portable ramp. Designed for private and commercial use, it is unrivalled in safety and user-ability. Its super strength and durability have made it one of the most innovative and cost effective solutions for un-level access situations.The kerb hopper has been tried and tested in many private and commercial locations. The design has been well proven, and its non-slip surface remains highly effective in adverse weather conditions. Available in varying sizes, itís a revolution for wheel chair, disabled and construction access.


3.     EASY-Plate



The EASY-Plate has been designed to provide a safe means of maintaining traffic flow, during excavation works on roads and paved areas. Especially for where reinstatement would be inappropriate for a temporary need of passage. The Road Plate is designed to allow the passage of most vehicles including HGV up to normal weight restrictions.







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