ChamberTite Pipe and Cable Entry Boots

The entry boot range is part of the comprehensive ChamberTite range from Forecourt Solutions.



The entry boot range is designed to alleviate the problem of water ingress into containment chambers and sumps and tank and dispenser sumps on petroleum forecourts that have pipework and duct entries. The boot provides a watertight seal to the pipe and to the chamber wall


Features & Benefits 

  • Waterproof Pipe and Duct Entries
  • Installation on flat and round surfaces
  • Fuel Compatible materials
  • Nitrile rubber to BS2751
  • Suitable for entries up to 15° from perpendicular
  • Fully adjustable post installation
  • Testable and Re-sealable
  • Cable Entry Bulkhead watertighness tested to 2m water head.


Design Concept


Each entry boot within the range is sized to provide maximum flexibility for the different pipework systems commonly used. Pipe alignment in both horizontal and vertical planes is facilitated. Boot flexibility reduces stress transfer to containment chamber walls.


Typical Uses


  • Tank sumps
  • Dispenser sumps
  • Remote Filling Chambers
  • Electrical Draw Pits
  • DCD wiring
  • LPG Installations



This product is equally suitable for use with:


  • Fibreglass
  • Rotationally moulded polyethylene chambers
  • Fabricated plastic chambers
  • Steel welded containment chambers
  • Concrete and Brick chambers with entry plates.




Forecourt Solutions undertakes rigorous material testing on all our products to ensure the quality of our finished items.




Part Number Description

CTB-3150       1 ½ ChamberTite Entry Boot includes 1 ¼, 1 and ¾ inserts. Download dimensional drawing:            CTB-3150_Entry_Boot.pdf 
CTB-3150       Inserts                                                                                            Download dimensional drawing            
CTB-3150 Insert.pdf
CTB-0150       1 ½ ChamberTite Entry Boot.                                                      Download dimensional drawing:            CTB-0150_Entry_Boot.pdf

CTB-0200       2" ChamberTite Entry Boot.                                                          Download dimensional drawing:            CTB-0200_Entry_Boot.pdf

CTB-0250       2 ½ ChamberTite Entry Boot.                                                      Download dimensional drawing:            CTB-0250_Entry_Boot.pdf

CTB-0300       3" ChamberTite Entry Boot.                                                          Download dimensional drawing:            CTB-0300_Entry_Boot.pdf
CTB-0400       4" ChamberTite Entry Boot                                                           Download dimensional drawing             CTB-0400_Entry Boot.pdf

CTB-7450       4" ChamberTite Duct Boot with dual Hose Clip                            Download dimensional drawing             CTB-7450_Duct_Boot.pdf


Available stock sizes



To assist the installation of entry boot we provide a range of  tools including hole saws to arbours please ask for details

We will be pleased to quote you for any other sizes that you may require.     


Further Information in pdf form


Download your Entry Boot Brochure here: ChamberTite_Entry_Boot.pdf
Download your Entry Boot Installation Instructions here: ChamberTiteEntryBootInstallationInstructions.pdf



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