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Forecourt Solutions are pleased to offer two alternative modular cover ranges. Such modular assemblies are ideal for use where only partial access is normally required and intermittently complete access. In such applications single piece covers would be prohibitively expensive and usually required assisted lifting mechanisms which can be avoided using modular techniques. Such covers also provide a significant HSE advantage by minimising the open entry size.

Forecourt Solutions ranges include an all composite version available in a range of sizes reflecting those commonly required in the utility industries. Alternatively our custom design service is able to provide an huge range of sizes of composite covers within modular galvanised steel frames tailored to meet you individual requirements.

Composite Modular Range - Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to handle 
  • Water resistant options
  • Non slip surface finish
  • Non Corroding
  • Non Sparking
  • Non Conductive
  • Covers finished flush with finished surround
  • High security locking options available to restrict unauthorised access
  • Customer specific labelling and identification
  • Instock - Fast Delivery   
  • Built to size onsite - compact shipping

 Typical 800 x 880 mm Clear Opening Sectional          

Download our Modular Composite Manhole Cover Datasheet by clicking the image below                                                     Composite Frame and Modular Composite Covers  




Part Number

Clear Opening Size

Cover Thickness

Outside Frame Size

Frame Depth







Single section modular


800 x 410 mm

49 mm

1010 x 620 mm

72 mm

Two section modular


800 x 880 mm

49 mm

1010 x 1090 mm

72 mm

Three section modular


800 x 1350 mm

49 mm

1010 x 1560 mm

72 mm

Four section modular


800 x 1820 mm

49 mm

1010 x 2030 mm

72 mm

Five section modular


800 x 2290 mm

49 mm

1010 x 2500 mm

72 mm

Six section modular


800 x 2760 mm

49 mm

1010 x 2970 mm

72 mm

Seven section modular


800 x 3230 mm

49 mm

1010 x 3440 mm

72 mm







Two section modular


1660 x 410 mm

49 mm

1870 x 620 mm

72 mm

Four section modular


1660 x 880 mm

49 mm

1870 x 1090 mm

72 mm

Six section modular


1660 x 1350 mm

49 mm

1870 x 1560 mm

72 mm

Eight section modular


1660 x 1820 mm

49 mm

1870 x 2030 mm

72 mm

Ten section modular


1660 x 2290 mm

49 mm

1870 x 2500 mm

72 mm

Twelve section modular


1660 x 2760 mm

49 mm

1870 x 2970 mm

72 mm

Fourteen section modular


1660 x 3230 mm

49 mm

1870 x 3440 mm

72 mm

Typical Drawings & Images for Composite Range

Please click on the links below to download drawings or pictures.

Drawing CM-860-470-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image CM-860-470-B125.JPG

Drawing CM-860-940-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image CM-860-940-B125.JPG

Drawing CM-860-1410-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image CM-860-1410-B125.JPG

Drawing CM-860-1880-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf - Image CM-860-1880-B125.JPG

Drawing CM-860-2350-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image 

Drawing CM-860-3290-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image 

Drawing                                                                    - Image CM-1760-940-B125-1.JPG

Drawing CM-1760-1410-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image  CM1760-1410-B125.JPG

Drawing                                                                     - Image CM1760-1880-B125_-_4.JPG

Drawing CM-1760-2350-B125_Cover_-_Frame.pdf- Image

Custom Design Modular Covers

Our custom design cover service shares many of the advantages of our All Composite Range


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Water resistant
  • Non slip surface finish
  • Covers finished flush with forecourt surface
  • High security locking options available to restrict unauthorised access
  • Customer specific labelling and identification


  Typical 1200 x 1200 mm Clear Opening Modular        

Manhole Cover with Galvanised Steel Frame          

These assemblies are usually constructed using square section composite manhole covers we have a wide range of composite covers to use within their design. This range provides the flexibility to configure your custom designed modular cover to your opening requirements.

If you require a custom designed modular cover please contact us for a quotation leadtimes are typically 14-21 days dependant on quantity and size of the requirement.

Typical Designs for Custom Design Covers

Here are some examples of the extensive range of modular covers that we can provide. They are just examples so please call us to discuss your specific requirements as the range is almost limitless. Cover can be watertight, lockable with removable support beams for clear opening dimensions and to load ratings from 1.5 ton to 40 ton.

CM900-900-c250.pdf - 900 x 900 mm 4 section manhole cover & frame. 25 ton load rated

CM120120CB125_1200_x_1200_mm.pdf- 1200 x 1200 mm 4 section manhole cover & frame. 12.5 ton load rated

CM1500-750-D400.pdf- 1500 x 750 mm 2 section manhole cover & frame. 40 ton load rated

CM150150B125.pdf- 1500 x 1500mm 4 section manhole cover and frame. 12.5 tone load rated

CM225-225-B125.pdf - 2250 x 2250mm 9 section manhole cover and frame. 12.5 ton load rated

A comprehensive range of sectional manhole cover to suit any application for pathways, roadways etc. The range combines covers of multiple section which are bolted togeather to form a large span cover.



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